I’ve never thought of myself as someone who would love cruising because I like to soak in the culture and blend in as a local. In recent years I’ve changed my opinion because I’ve discovered the cruise lines that offer smaller ships or yachts and longer stays on land. Instead of touring on land with the masses from the ship, I arrange custom tours to fit your interests. For example, when our family sailed through Turkey and Greece we rented a gulet (Turkish sailboat) for the day and sailed along the coast of Turkey, while the rest of the cruise guests toured the town of Bodrum. The beauty of cruising is not dealing with dragging your luggage around and being able to awaken to a new city each day. My young adult children even love cruising too. Have you ever wanted to explore Antartica? The best way to see it is cruising. Some of my favorite cruise lines are Crystal, Azamara, Seaborn, Windstar, and Lindblad.

Another benefit to having strong affiliate connections in the travel business is that I can negotiate rates on cruises. Feel free to call me to help you pick the best type of cruise for your interests.